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Director Disqualification, Insolvency, Restructuring and Insolvency Litigation.

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Commercial Litigation Specialists and The Corporate Veil

Commercial Litigation Specialists and The Corporate Veil

This case study shows that Personal Financial Liability was Imposed on Directors Following an Unsuccessful Defence of a Winding Up Petition.

As Insolvency and Commercial Litigation Specialists, the recently reported case of Winnington Networks Communications Ltd (‘the Company’) v Revenue & Customs Commissioners (2015) is of great interest to us and our clients. This is because it represents a further attack on the ‘corporate veil’ and demonstrates the willingness of the Court to look behind the company and impose Costs Orders on directors personally.

Commercial Litigation – NHS Defeated by NDP

Commercial Litigation Case Study - NDP Persuade NHS England to Offer Reinstatement of GP’s Contract.  This case study details how our specialist team of commercial litigation solicitors were able to persuade NHS England to offer reinstatement to a GP whose contract had been terminated due to bankruptcy. The case’s…

Case Study – successfully challenging a Freezing Order

This Commercial Litigation case study shows how we successfully challenged a Freezing Order from HMRC. HMRC do, sometimes, get things wrong, and when they do, their conduct can be successfully challenged, even in the most serious of cases, as demonstrated by this case study with one of our clients. Our client was made the subject…