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Director Disqualification, Insolvency, Restructuring and Insolvency Litigation.

Plus case studies for Commercial Litigation, Regulatory Disputes and Construction Disputes

On this page, you will find testimonials from some of our clients for the work we have done for them in our key areas of specialism: Director DisqualificationInsolvency and RestructuringInsolvency LitigationCommercial LitigationRegulatory Disputes, and Construction Disputes.

Our 3 most recent case studies are shown below, with all older case studies being archived into the relevant specialism category.

Simply select the specialism category you want to explore for all of our case studies in that category. In each category, the case studies are arranged chronologically, with the most recent at the top

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Latest News
  • Directors Duties: a review of liquidator claims and director disqualification developments in 2023/2024

    The targeted Director always has options available to him in Director Disqualification and Misfeasance cases.

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Director avoids significant period of Director Disqualification and a Director Disqualification Compensation Order (‘DDCO’) for alleged Bounce Back Loan (‘BBL’) fraud and inadequate company books and records

“NDP’s advice was specific and targeted. I followed that advice which resulted in the case being concluded with no further action.” December 2023 This testimonial and case study details how we recently helped to secure the abandonment of a Director Disqualification Investigation (‘DDI’), in circumstances where the Secretary of State (‘SOS’) was seeking a higher-bracket

Bounce Back Loans: The Insolvency Service abandons its allegation of unfit conduct and its director disqualification investigation against our clients

The Unfit Conduct allegation: ‘Trading to the detriment of the Crown and causing the company to apply for a Bounce Back Loan while insolvent.’ By: Neil Davies, Solicitor and Managing Director of N D & P Solicitors Ltd (‘NDP’) and Contributory Editor to ‘Mithani: Directors’ Disqualification’ – the leading work on Director Disqualification law and

Unfit Director Conduct Allegations by Insolvency Service Abandoned

Our solicitors ensure the client avoided possible Director Disqualification as a result. Pressure relieved. Our Director client found herself on the wrong end of Unfit Director Conduct allegations, in the context of a Director Disqualification Investigation (DDI), where the Insolvency Service (‘IS’) alleged: That she allowed the company ‘to trade to the detriment of HM