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Birmingham a Top Destination for Londoners?

Here at Neil Davies & Partners, our news, case studies and testimonials are normally focused around the areas of law we specialise in: director disqualification, misfeasance claims, commercial litigation and so on. Not this time though, because being based in the centre of Birmingham, as we are, we’re delighted to have spotted a recent news article from the BBC, pointing out that Birmingham remains a top destination for Londoners. We couldn’t agree more!!

Birmingham is transforming itself before our eyes. 

We won’t dwell on Birmingham’s less than positive reputation in the past, usually based on the grim concrete days of the 1970s. Suffice it to say, however, that since the 1990s, starting with the development of Brindley Place, Birmingham has quietly been transforming itself, on all fronts. It’s just that the pace of change has really accelerated in the last 2 or 3 years:

  • The superb New Street Station/Grand Central Development
  • The Library of Birmingham
  • The return of trams to the centre of town (okay, not much of it, yet, but finally………!)
  • More Michelin starred restaurants than anywhere outside London
  • A vibrant arts culture
  • And more

All of this might explain why over 6,000 people left London for Birmingham last year.

But What About Business and, more specifically, Legal Services?

It’s also true to say that business is booming in Birmingham. The number of grade A offices being built is on an impressive scale, and these investments do not happen unless developers and their letting agents are confident they can fill the space. Already guaranteed to deliver jobs is HSBC’s new UK HQ – under construction – which will bring 1,000 plus jobs to Birmingham, and there’s plenty more of that to come it seems.

Of course, Birmingham is also a thriving legal services hub, and as the Birmingham Law Society will attest, the slogan ‘advised in Birmingham’ has never been more true.

Which brings us back to NDP. We’re proud to be based in Birmingham. Our clients come from all over the UK (and overseas) for advice and help when they are threatened with Director Disqualification or Misfeasance Claims, or require advice in the areas of insolvency or commercial litigation. They don’t always need to come to Birmingham to see us, of course, but they all like what they see when they do.

Birmingham Small Law Firm of the Year, 2016

Of course, it helps to have been voted the best small law firm in Birmingham by our peers at the Birmingham Law Society’s annual awards, 2016, earlier this year, for the quality of our work. Nevertheless, location is certainly a factor, and Birmingham has a huge amount to offer for businesses.

Click here to see some of our testimonials. So if you, or a client are being threatened with Director Disqualification, or need advice in insolvency or commercial litigation, contact us or call us on 0121 200 7040, for a free initial chat.

Other than that, if you haven’t been to Birmingham for a while, just pop along and have a look. We think you’ll be impressed.

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