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We recently published our first newsletter, which focused on Director Disqualification, one of our main specialisms at NDP. We will be publishing newsletters every two months or so, featuring stories and comment in our other main specialisms: Insolvency and Restructuring, Insolvency Claims and Commercial Litigation disputes, as well as Director Disqualification.

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Newsletter srticles from the Specialists in Director Disqualification

Click here to read the three director disqualification stories in full that are featured in our first newsletter. A quick summary of the stories is:

1. Directors Disqualified for 10 years for Accounting Records Failings

In a recent press release the Insolvency Service confirmed that they obtained director disqualification orders against two directors of Pound Empire Ltd a retail store operating in the north west of England for 10 years each, for failing to ensure that the company preserved or delivered up adequate accounting records.
Typically, such accounting records failings do not attract such a lengthy period of disqualification, so why was the director disqualification penalty so severe in this case? Click here to read the full article.

2.  We are seeing more and more director disqualifications for ‘trading to the detriment of HMRC’

We are seeing more and more of cases of directors being disqualified for trading to the detriment of HMRC, with longer periods of disqualification and often less scope to negotiate down that period in the absence of any compelling explanation or mitigation.
To find out more about the process for directors being served with disqualification proceedings for trading to the detriment of HMRC, why the Government is taking a harder line in such cases, and how we could work with you to help those of your clients who might be facing such proceedings, click here to read the full article.

3. Director Disqualified for 6 years for failing to pay Crown Debt

Robert Clarke, head of Insolvent Investigations North at the Insolvency Service is quoted to have said:
“Company directors have a duty to ensure businesses meet their legal obligations, including paying taxes… Neglect of tax affairs is not a victimless action as it deprives the taxpayer of the funds needed to operate public services.”
The consequences of failing to pay Crown Debt can be severe, with a director of a limited company being disqualified for 6 years in a recent case. This case shows that being a director of a limited company does not make that director one step removed and insulated from what happens under their stewardship in the company. Click here to read the full article.
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