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Are You a Director Facing a Misfeasance Claim? Don’t Delay, We Can Help

We are award winning Misfeasance Claims Solicitors specialising in defending Directors facing Misfeasance Claims made against them by Liquidators or Administrators. We have defended Directors in over 200 Misfeasance Claim cases and have succeeded in significantly reducing the amount claimed in many cases, even eliminating it in some.

Client Testimonials
"I can honestly say that Kunal and Neil have provided me with a first-class service throughout and I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me" » Click For More

Testimonial for our Misfeasance Claims Solicitors for delivering peace of mind after a very stressful time for the Client, who was facing financial ruin.

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"I was referred to Neil Davies, a specialist Insolvency Litigation Solicitor, who saved me £500,000 in misfeasance claims against me. There is no substitute for experience and skill." » Click For More

This testimonial is from a grateful Director client for whom our experienced and skilled Insolvency Litigation Solicitors saved close on £500,000. Proof that we live up to our strapline: ‘Delivering Results Through Experience.’

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One of the Top Firms of Insolvency and Misfeasance Claims Solicitors in the Country

There are many circumstances where Directors can be subject to personal, misfeasance claims against them. These usually follow the formal insolvency of a company and an alleged failure to fulfil their directorial duties. Either way, the claims can run to hundreds of thousands of pounds, and can ruin a Director’s livelihood and attack his personal assets.

Our dedicated team of 7 Misfeasance Claims Solicitors and their support team has over 140 collective years of experience in this specialist area of law. We achieve results for our clients from all over the country. No Hole is Too Deep, and the sooner you contact us, the better.

We Know What Your Opponent Wants

It is hugely stressful to receive the threat of a misfeasance claim from a Liquidator or Administrator and discover they can pursue you personally. We know how they work and we know how to deal with them. There are always options and solutions.  We know what these are and how to achieve them.  We also understand the wider consequences of the decisions you are about to make – which can also include criminal prosecution – and help guard against them.





We Identify Your Options and Objectives Immediately

Right from the start, exploring all of your options, looking at the wider consequences of intended action and deciding on the right course to pursue is vital. Our Misfeasance Claims Solicitors will explain your options and agree those objectives (and the cost of achieving them) with you. With proper advice, it is often possible to significantly reduce the claims against you or remove them entirely.

Cost Effective and User Friendly

Birmingham based, our rates of charge compare very favourably with those of our competitors, and we are more cost-effective than similar firms in London. We also offer fixed pricing structures and regularly work with our clients in this way.

People deal with people. You have to be comfortable with us, if you are trust us at this most difficult of times for you. The decisions you are about to make and the outcomes that are available to you, will influence your future.

Birmingham Based, UK Wide Coverage

Our Misfeasance Claims Solicitors represent Directors based all over the UK and beyond – geography is no bar to us helping you today.

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