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Major Corporate Restructuring in the News

Corporate restructuring at major corporations is often in the news.

For example, in May 2014, we read that the Japanese electronics giant Sony forecast that it would remain unprofitable until 2015 after a restructuring saw it exit the personal computer business. Closer to home, Morrisons has undergone a major restructuring in order to improve in terms of its efficiency, offer lower prices and more targeted consumer promotions, as it struggles to compete on price with the major discounters, such as Aldi and Netto.

Financial difficulties are at the core of restructuring problems for most companies

At Neil Davies and Partners, providing help and advice to solve company restructuring and company insolvency problems is one of our main practice areas. At the core of most business problems, whether the business is solvent, stressed or insolvent, is a financial difficulty or a financial consequence, and this applies to all businesses, no matter how big they are.

We can help businesses who have insolvency and restructuring problems, and the earlier you talk to us if you have these problems, the better. We provide help in the following areas:

–          Dissatisfaction with your current financiers

–          Pressure from creditors

–          Re-financing and restructuring your business

–          Personal guarantee claims you may be facing

–          Director disqualification problems

–          Bad debts that you may be suffering

–          Assessing why your business model may be failing

–          Setting up a new business/buying and selling business out of insolvency

–          Security Advice

–          Claims by insolvency practitioners

If you have an insolvency or restructuring problem, contact us now for a FREE initial consultancy.

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