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A Message Inspired by Mac, Our Stress Relief Officer

Mac Attends our Weekly ‘Virtual’ Team Meeting

Mac in his capacity as NDP’s Stress Relief Officer (SRO), has as evidenced by the photo below, today attended NDP’s (virtual) weekly Team meeting.

Insolvency Solicitors
Mac, our Stress Relief Officer

Today’s meeting addressed, in particular, the debilitating and damaging  effects  that the Lockdown, working remotely and being separated from loved ones can have on the mind, body and soul of even  the strongest amongst us.

Many of the NDP team spoke eloquently and openly about the common, and in some cases unique, issues faced by us.

Those issues clearly resonated with all of the Team.

The need to talk is as great as it ever was, for the Team, our clients, our family members and our  friends.

Personally, I have found speaking to relatives and friends across the world and those much closer to home, to have helped greatly.

As we look forward, hopefully, to the easing of Lockdown and the ability to resume a less restricted lifestyle, it would be nice to think we can hang on to the ability to find time to stay in touch with each other, purely for the joy it gives.

Mac has certainly taken the lead (see what I did there!) in his failed social distancing with other hounds on his many Lockdown walks – we all have little doubt that his inherent desire to ‘talk’ to everyone and everything he meets will continue.

Just maybe we should follow his example, moving forwards (although with less of the sniffing).

Hopefully, looking at the motley crew on the Zoom link today, barbers shops will be one of the first to re-open.

Stay safe all.

Neil, Suk and all the Team at NDP – including Mac