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Business as usual at Neil Davies and Partners

How Can We Help Directors During the Covid-19 Crisis? What are the Duties of Directors?

During these extremely challenging and unparalleled times, we are writing to assure you that it’s business as usual here at Neil Davies & Partners.

Our team of Insolvency Solicitors will continue to provide you with help and support where and when it is required. You can find the direct telephone numbers and email addresses for our team by clicking here.

We are Fully Equipped for Remote Working

As you would expect, all of our team members, from Directors  to legal secretaries are fully equipped to work remotely from the office and are able to fully service your, or your clients’, legal needs, whether it’s a Director Disqualification, Misfeasance, Insolvency, HMRC  or Commercial Litigation problem.

With the current UK-wide lockdown, we are, of course, able to provide meetings over the telephone, including  conference call facilities, or by using Skype, Facetime and other on line services.

Companies and Directors Will be Facing Extremely Difficult and Stressful Decisions

The work that the NHS is doing to protect the nation, along with all the other emergency and support services is truly outstanding and humbling. As a firm of solicitors, we can simply do all that we can, in our areas of expertise, to help companies and directors as much as possible during the crisis.

Many companies have run into serious financial problems almost over-night, and it is to the credit of the Government that several huge new initiatives have been announced in recent days that have been designed to ease the burden. No doubt there will be more to come.

Nevertheless, and distressingly so, there will be many insolvencies, impacting upon directors and employees of those companies.

How Can We Help You and Your Clients? Advice for Directors

Our  insolvency solicitors spend  the majority of their time dealing with problems arising  as a result of companies entering insolvency, for which there may be  many serious consequences for the director – director disqualification investigations and misfeasance claims, for example – which  arise when it is alleged that directors have not fulfilled their Statutory Duties.

The Duties of Directors are set down in the Companies Act of 2006.

The last thing company directors need right now is to worry about further problems, above and beyond insolvency.

We have already had many calls and emails from worried directors about the consequences of insolvency, whether they have been fulfilling their statutory duties, and what they need to do if they haven’t been.

That’s where we come in. Knowing the duties of directors and understanding how to support, advise and defend directors who are threatened with legal action for not carrying out these duties, even during the current crisis, is one way that we can help.

Look out for further emails giving more information on this area.

If You or a Client is Worried About the Consequences of not Fulfilling the Duties of a Director, we can help

All you need to do is contact us, email us on law@ndandp.co.uk, call us on 0121 200 7044 or click here to see our mobile numbers. We recognise there will be many directors feeling concerned and worried about this area and we are here to help. Of course, the initial discussion is free.