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Director Disqualification and Politicians?

Director Disqualification Does Not Distinguish between Prospective MPs And Other Directors

The media is full of stories of MPs, and those who seek to hold that office, being discredited, with bogus expense claims and cash for questions being high up the list. However, as this news story shows, when it comes to director disqualification, MPs and in this case a prospective MP, are not treated differently or more leniently than any other director who breaks the law. There must be an election coming!

Former Prospective MP Disqualified as a Director

In a recent press release from the government, the Insolvency Service confirm that a former prospective member of Parliament for Coventry, Dr. Vincent McKee (who stood for election in 2010 in Coventry North West), was disqualified as a director for 14 years by order dated 22 December 2014. Dr. McKee, who was a director of three college tuition companies, received his director disqualification for taking unauthorised payments from students, along with a string of other complaints.

This was subsequent to a criminal case where Dr. McKee was sentenced to 2½ years imprisonment for 25 counts of fraud.  Dr. McKee was also disqualified as a director by the Criminal Court for 7 years.  Nevertheless, the Insolvency Service went on to seek and obtain a much large period of director disqualification for the more recent offence.

Commenting on the director disqualification prosecution, Ken Beasley, the Official Receiver of the Insolvency Service’s Public Interest Unit, said:

“Dr. McKee has breached the trust of unsuspecting students, many of whom would be facing their own financial pressures. The Insolvency Service will not tolerate company directors who abuse the privileges of limited liability for personal gain.”

This case made it into the local Coventry newspaper

What Does This Director Disqualification Case Show Us?

This case goes to show that even the (prospective) political elite are not above the law and the impact of director disqualification proceedings.

This case also shows that if the Insolvency Service do not consider a disqualification period imposed by a Criminal Court is long enough, then they can and will apply to Court to lengthen that period.

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