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We’re Supporting the RSPCA and SANDS in 2019

Director Disqualification Solicitors, Insolvency Litigation Solicitors and Mac. All supporters of RSPCA and SANDS at Neil Davies and Partners

NDP is delighted to announce that its chosen charities to support in 2019 are the RSPCA and SANDS. Both charities are close to the heart of the owners of the business and the rest of the team of director disqualification solicitors, not least Mac our stress Relief Officer, who was instrumental in our choice of charities!

Fund raising events are planned throughout the year to raise money and do the best we can for those worthy causes. Details to follow!

A Bit About Mac and our Choice of RSPCA

Mac is our Stress Relief Officer here at NDP.

Mac is a dog, and its true to say that he doesn’t do any insolvency litigation or director disqualification work, but knowing him, he probably thinks he does!

What he does do is keep us all a bit calmer and much happier as a result of his antics. The team spend all their time working on insolvency litigation and director disqualification cases. When deadlines need to be met and time is tight, it can often get very busy and, on occasion, a bit stressful.

This is when Mac does his best work. He’s often in the office these days, and his calming presence helps everyone relax and de-stress.

He helps the NDP team in ways he knows best, which means allowing them to take him for walks during the working day, getting plenty of ruffles and cuddles and receiving a few treats along the way.

When you’ve got a stress relief office like Mac, it’s no wonder that one of our chosen charities is the RSPCA. He wouldn’t have it any other way!

So, if ever you need to contact us or call us on 0121 200 7040 to discuss a commercial litigation, director disqualification or insolvency claim issue with us, it may not be Mac you speak to, but you’ll know that he has played his part in keeping us all happy, relaxed and – hopefully – efficient! As well as playing his part in raising some funds for our two charities.

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