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Happy Christmas to All Our Clients and Contacts

A Christmas Message from Mac – the Stress Relief Officer at Neil Davies & Partners

Dear all, As NDP’s designated Stress Relief Officer (SRO) as detailed on the Neil Davies & Partners website (loving my photograph on there), I have been asked by the NDP Management (whoever they may actually be) to pen a quick Christmas message to you, our valued clients and contacts. Quite an honour for me I feel and yet further evidence, should it be needed, of NDP’s positive commitment to its approach to diversity and inclusivity!

Neil Davies & Partners
Happy Christmas from Mac

We Celebrated Our 1,000th Client

So here goes… it’s been a busy year for us all, that saw NDP on December 1st open a file for its 1,000th client, in our 12th year of trading. The humans really got a kick out of that and were last seen heading to the pub to discuss that development. I still have not worked out why so many important meetings have to take place away from the office, but I am assured it’s all for the best. (Obviously above my pay-grade).

New Recruits

What else can I tell you? The NDP team has further grown in 2018 with some good new legal talent coming on board to help look after our growing client base.  Richard (Shepherd) and Kunal (Bhalla) as new trainee solicitors, have added some real vim to the office atmosphere as has Siraj, who has recently joined us as a paralegal on his personal journey to becoming a solicitor.

Lovely chaps one and all. However, they need to better understand the need for readily available doggy treats if they are to keep drawing on my expertise and experience in 2019. No such thing as a free lunch, eh?!

My Role as Stress Relief Officer

On a personal note, my role as SRO has been as challenging as ever in 2018, trying to keep this lot on the straight and narrow. That has involved me taking them, in turn, for many walks during the working day and chatting through whatever may be vexing them at any particular time. Humans really do know to how to Complicate the most straightforward of matters don’t they?

My advice? Keep it simple guys. Stressing achieves nothing positive in my experience, and as the SRO, I really do know about these things.

Anyway. That’s enough from me.  On behalf of everyone at NDP, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and the 2019 that you would wish for yourselves and your family.

Now where’s that bone I was promised….. ?

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