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Injunction Testimonial for our Commercial Litigation Specialists

Our Team Successfully Defends a Client Threatened with High Court Action and a Prohibitive Injunction

Threatened High Court proceedings and prohibitive injunctions are scary, especially when received unexpectedly in the form of a solicitor’s letter just before the weekend, as happened to our client in this case, who had inadvertently infringed on her enduring contractual obligations to a former employer. She got straight in touch with our Commercial Litigation specialists, who were able to take the heat out of the situation, before negotiating an exit from the claims that were acceptable to the Claimant.

Here, our client takes up the story, to which we would highlight some of the key ingredients that we always try to add to each commercial litigation case we work on:

  • Always respond swiftly, even if it is the weekend. Clients need to know someone is on their side, especially when their livelihood is under threat, as in this case
  • Get the defence strategy right from the outset and act firmly. A failure to act firmly or swiftly can be fatal in such matters

Our Client Explains Why She Received the Solicitor’s Letter

“I was threatened with High Court proceedings against me and with an Injunction by my former employer. It felt like my world had ended when the letter from a global firm of Solicitors, representing my former employers, landed in my inbox. I could hardly breathe; I was so shocked.

I had spent months setting up my own, self-start Estate Agency business, in the middle of the Covid pandemic, after my employment had amicably ended. However, my marketing strategy (I now recognise) crossed the line of what I was entitled to do, as a result of what I now know to be enduring contractual obligations to my former employer.

In short, I had inadvertently and unintentionally broken my contractual obligations.”

WHAT TO DO? Talk to Experienced Commercial Litigation Specialists

“I was put in touch with Neil Davies of Neil Davies & Partners. Neil took my call there and then, listened to my tale of woe and rang me back again that same evening, having received from me the incoming solicitor’s letter. He advised what options were available to me and of the consequences and cost of each option.

Neil’s advice and approach was spot on. He took the heat out of the situation by his immediate contact and dialogue with the Solicitor for the Claimant.”

The Threat of Court Action and a Prohibitive Injunction was Swiftly Dealt With

“Within a matter of days (straddling a worrying weekend) the claims and threat of legal action had gone away. Neil had negotiated an exit to the claims that were acceptable to the Claimant. A very dark cloud was lifted from over me.

Neil’s approach to the case and his dealing with me was exceptional. He listened and he understood what needed to be done and he did it.

He gave me (and my worried family) confidence and quickly provided me with expertise and realistic reassurances. He spoke to my worried parents and me over the weekend. He was knowledgeable, totally user friendly and frankly, saved my financial skin!”

DL – Birmingham

Talk to our Commercial Litigation Specialists if Threatened with High Court Proceedings and/or Prohibitive Injunctions

NDP’s team of Commercial Litigation Specialists has many years’ experience of acting in these urgent applications for High Court proceedings and prohibitive injunction scenarios. We know when and how best to deal with injunctions of all varieties. We have the resource to deal head on with the urgent demands on time made by many of these scenarios. A failure to act or react quickly can be fatal in such matters.

We have a track record of many years’ experience and many clients to testify to our ability to deal successfully with urgent injunction applications, whether for claimants or defendants, as in this case. Contact us for help and advice or call us on 0121 200 7040.