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Why Instruct Neil Davies and Partners to Deal With Your Director Disqualification Investigation?

7 reasons to talk to our Director Disqualification specialists

At NDP, we are award winning Solicitors specialising in defending Directors facing Director Disqualification investigations (‘DDI’), Director Disqualification proceedings (‘DDP’) and Misfeasance/Breach of Duty claims from Liquidators. We have acted for Directors all over the UK in hundreds of Disqualification cases and have succeeded in removing the threat of or reducing the length of disqualification in many cases. Click here to see some of our testimonials.

In this article we give 7 reasons for you to talk to us if you are being threatened with Director Disqualification, in particular if you have benefitted from a Covid loan or grant and are now being investigated for potential misuse of it.

1. We Get the Results You Need

Our incomparable Team of Director Disqualification Solicitors regularly achieves extraordinary results for Directors across the UK, which include:

  • Persuading the Insolvency Service (‘IS’) to abandon Disqualification investigations.
  • Persuading the IS to abandon Court issued Disqualification proceedings, before the final hearing.
  • When Director Disqualification is unavoidable, or is the best outcome that is available, achieving by negotiation with the IS significantly lower periods of disqualification than is offered by the IS. This can be really significant where Permission to continue acting as a Director is sought – see below.
  • Applying for and obtaining Permission from the Court for the Director to act as a Director in the future, despite the impediment of disqualification.
  • Taking cases over from other Solicitors who cannot achieve the above results.

The NDP team includes Solicitors who have advised on Director Disqualification Investigation and Proceedings cases and have worked for the IS and also acted for and against the IS. This is important, as it means we understand how the IS works and what they are looking for. This often gives us a head start in deciding the best way to tackle a case.  Every case is unique on its facts and needs an individual case plan.

Director Disqualification

2. We know precisely what it takes to achieve the Objectives

See our testimonials.

3. Our team of Solicitors is user friendly and passionate about achieving the objectives.

We always work as hard and as passionately as is required, in order to achieve the Objectives. If that means late night and weekend work, that’s what we do.

4. Our team is Director led.

Our Senior Director, Neil Davies who has 36 years’ experience of advising Directors, is an advisory editor to the leading text on the subject of Director Disqualification: ‘Mithani on Directors Disqualification’. Neil historically advised the IS on bringing Disqualification cases.

5. Neil’s Co-Director, Sukhbir Mall, has undertaken disqualification work for the last 20 years.

In total, the NDP team has a combined experience of 70 years of dealing with disqualification work and of advising Directors.

6. Our 6 dedicated Director Disqualification Solicitors are all skilled in Insolvency Law and Practice.

Such detailed knowledge of Insolvency Law and Practice and the nuts and bolts of how insolvency works in practice, is vital to our understanding of, and then communicating to the IS, the Director’s story. Context is everything. The outcome of so many cases depends on the fine detail of the case.

7. Legal costs.

We know we are price competitive (especially compared to our London-based competition) and with other firms operating in the regions. We know because we regularly check. We offer fixed price advice for particular stages of work, detailed in advance of our being retained and with the option to pay by instalments over time. Achieving the Objectives is what we are all about.

If You Are Facing Director Disqualification, Get in Touch Now

In 2018/19 there were 1,242 Disqualifications for Unfit Conduct, following investigations by the IS, resulting in bans of up to 15 years per case. With the fall-out from Covid-19 loans and grants, it is quite likely that the number will go up over the next few months.

We know that a Disqualification investigation is stressful and that a ban can cause long term reputational and financial damage. In our experience the sooner action is taken, the better the prospect of a positive outcome. So, if you or someone you know is facing a Director Disqualification investigation, call us on 0121 200 7040 or contact us  for an initial chat.