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Our New Stress Relief Officer

Mac the Dog Doesn’t Do Any Insolvency Litigation Work! (But he Works With a Group of People Who Do)

Here at Neil Davies & Partners, where the order of the day is insolvency litigation and director disqualification work, it can often get pretty busy, especially when time is tight and deadlines need to be hit.

This is where Mac comes in. Quite literally! He often comes into the office, and the team have really taken to him. So much so that they have appointed him as our stress relief officer.

Mac enjoys assisting the NDP team in whatever way he can, with his pastoral care for team members extending to his allowing them to take him for walks during the working day, and his sharing of their lunch.

Away from in the office he enjoys walking, socialising and eating. He particularly enjoys eating!

So, if ever you need to contact us or call us on 0121 200 7040 to discuss a commercial litigation, director disqualification or insolvency claim issue with us, it may not be Mac advising you, but you’ll know that he has played his part in keeping us all happy, relaxed and hopefully efficient!

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