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Repeat Director Disqualification for Second Offence

Director Receives Director Disqualification Penalty for 11 Years for Acting as a Director Whilst Already Disqualified

The penalty for continuing to act as a director whilst already serving a period of director disqualification is severe as Gary Link, from Telford, found out. Mr Link received an 11-year disqualification order after he was found guilty of acting as a company director despite already serving an existing 8-year period of disqualification.

Background to this Director Disqualification Case

Telford County Court heard how CGL Contracting Limited, a nationwide double-glazing contractor, went into liquidation in December 2015.

The subsequent investigation by the Insolvency Service uncovered Mr Link as the director of the Company, despite not being named as one, whilst already being disqualified.

Mr Link had previously been banned for a period of 8 years from April 2008 as a result of causing his previous company to maintain inaccurate, misleading and/or inadequate records.

The court also heard that both Gary Link and the registered director of CGL Contracting, Christopher Jordan, had caused CGL to trade to the detriment of HMRC when they failed to file any tax returns.

Comment from the Insolvency Service

Jane Knight, Deputy Head of Insolvent Investigations, said:

“The 11-year disqualification serves as a warning to other disqualified directors tempted to flout their bans that we will take action in order to put a stop to their unscrupulous behaviour.”

Comment from our Director Disqualification Solicitors

The length of the Director Disqualifications given out in this case shows the seriousness with which the Insolvency Service views such conduct. Misleading creditors as to your ability to be a director when already disqualified is never an attractive picture.

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