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Testimonial for Treating Clients as Real People

“Thank you for Treating us as People, Rather Than Just Clients”

It is always worth remembering that clients are also real people and that treating them as such, especially in stressful and emotional cases is very important, as this testimonial shows, in which a grateful client thanked us for our support.

There were two elements to the case: an Employment Tribunal Claim that our clients – represented by a separate firm of solicitors – had against a previous employer and the threat of injunctive proceedings by the former employer against our clients, which we were instructed to deal with.

The Judge found against our clients in the Employment Tribunal – in what we believe was a remarkably skewed judgement – whilst we were able to protect their position in the matter of the threatened injunctive proceedings, which had been threatened against them as a result of an alleged breach of the implied duty of confidence.

In his comments below, made after the five-day long trial in the Employment Tribunal (at which he was supported by Neil Davies and Kunal Bhalla), the client tells how important it was for him and his partner to have our physical presence at the point of delivery of the judgement, given the sensitive nature of the case and the very severe allegations made against them.

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Our Client Adopts a Positive Mind Set Following the Tribunal Judgement

“…..It’s been a long night. Yes, we felt the decision was so wrong and were astonished with the Judge’s reasons and his severe criticism of us in contrast with his compliments about our former employer! But we will not dwell on the result. They lied and brilliantly convinced the Judge….and got away with it. Incredible. But that’s the way it is. We will be even better for the experience and turn this defeat into added fuel for continued success.

We were so appreciative of your presence yesterday. Over and above the services you provide, your manner and concern for us has always been so evident, sincere and warm.”

The Client Thanks us for Being on His Team

It’s also the reason why we are really considering your friendly advice to consider avoiding assistance with the ongoing investigation into our former employer, because you’re coming from a place of genuine care about us as people, not just clients.

We are so glad you are part of our team and that is why that with any legal issue that needs addressing, including the potential injunction, you will continue to be our first port of call should you be willing and able to deal with any future legal issue for us. Such is our confidence and faith in you and a person as well as a professional.

Thanks again Neil, you’re a top man and please also pass on our thanks to Kunal.”

Regards, HS (West Midlands)

We Continue to Support and Advise our Client Over the Threat of the Injunction

Having reflected upon the judgment in the Employment Tribunal, we continue to work to protect our client in the matter of the threat of the injunctive proceedings. Our view is that, based on the facts of the case, our client’s former employers are unlikely to be able to deal with our alternate explanations as to how our client encountered their former employer’s customers. This is the nub of the case and we look forward to a positive outcome.

We Always Treat our Clients as Real People

Here at NDP are mantra is that ‘no hole is too deep’ for us to be able to make a difference. If the kind words used by our client resonate with you, and you need our support in a similar matter, or in our other key specialisms of insolvency claims and director disqualification, then please contact us or call us on 0121 200 7040 for as free initial discussion of your case. We always treat our clients as real people.