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The Failure of Carillion

The collapse of Carillion will have far reaching consequences

It is not only those working directly for Carillion who are likely to be facing an uncertain time, but also those further down the supply and labour chain who rely for work and perhaps, more importantly, payment, from those who do contract/were contracting with Carillion.

Whether the problem is:

  • A debt owed from Carillion and its knock on effect for your business and its ability to operate
  • A debt owed to you by a business in the Carillion supply chain
  • A retention of title (ROT) issue, where goods you have supplied remain on site but have not been paid for
  • The need to negotiate and secure payment terms for sums caught up by this failure
  • Dispute resolution and contract negotiation
  • Insolvency and restructuring advice for your own business

Our Construction and Insolvency Solicitors are here to help.

Assistance from our external contacts in the Finance, Reconstruction and Insolvency markets coupled with our own experience in these fields is available on an immediate basis.

Please contact sukhbirm@ndandp.co.uk  or me, Neil Davies at neild@ndandp.co.uk for a free of charge initial meeting, in the first instance,  if help is needed. Or just pick up the phone and call us on 0121 200 7040.

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