What do you do if you get a dawn Regulatory Raid from HRMC?

If you get a dawn Regulatory Raid, what should you do?

Businesses can be raided by a large number of regulatory bodies, including HMRC, the Police, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Serious Fraud Office and the Environment Agency. These raids normally take place at dawn and can be highly disruptive. This post is a quick guide to the first steps you should take if your business is raided by HMRC.

  • Check the identity of the HMRC team leader and ask them to speak with your solicitor on the telephone before the search starts.
  • If you are not presented with a copy of the search warrant, then ask to see it. Take a PDF copy and send it to your solicitor.
  • Ask that all members of the HMRC search team remain in the reception area of your premises and ensure that members of your staff remain with them. However, it is vital that the officers are not physically obstructed. The HMRC staff do not have to wait until your solicitor arrives, but it is a reasonable request to ask them to delay their search until your solicitor arrives.
  • If HMRC staff refuse to wait, allocate a member of staff to ‘shadow’ each officer of the search team to keep a record of all documents examined, copied or removed by the HMRC officers.

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