Testimonials - Commercial Litigation Testimonials

Commercial Litigation Specialists and Commercial Disputes

This testimonial is from a client who was in a commercial dispute with his former business partners. He instructed our commercial litigation specialists to act for him as despite retaining a shareholding, he was being excluded from any involvement in the company. We secured a settlement of £400,000 for him, plus costs.

Testimonial for Commercial Litigation Specialists

We have a strong track record in delivering the results that our clients want and need in order to avoid commercial litigation as far as possible. This testimonial is from a client for whom our commercial litigation specialists negotiated a £71,000 reduction in a demand from his previous solicitors who had represented him in a difficult and stressful divorce case.

Successful Commercial Litigation Avoids Losses for Client

This is a testimonial from a client based in California who instructed us on a commercial litigation matter in which his company were not being paid by the Administrators of a well known UK high street chain for goods supplied prior to the administration. We were able to negotiate a positive settlement in which the goods were released and returned for sale elsewhere, avoiding a financial loss for our client.

Had we not been able to negotiate this settlement, our client would have been classified by the Administrator as an unsecured creditor, with the risk of a significant financial loss.