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£68,000 Saved for Client in Misfeasance Claim

Misfeasance Claim by Liquidator for £72,000, settled for £4,000 by our Insolvency Litigation Specialists

Misfeasance claims against directors of liquidated companies are often brought by liquidators and usually involve an allegation that a director has misapplied money or other property of the company and/or breached his/her duties as a director. These claims can be highly stressful, which is where our Insolvency Litigation Specialists come in. We have a strong record in successfully defending misfeasance claims against directors, as this testimonial shows, where we reduced the claim by £68,000 to £4,000.

The Director Under Threat Contacts Us

After attempting to resolve the claim himself, without success, the director contacted us.

“Following the liquidation of my company, the Liquidator sought explanations of transactions and made misfeasance claims against me personally totalling £72,000.00. I made every attempt to resolve this matter without the need for instructing solicitors, but unfortunately no resolution with the Liquidator was forthcoming. I knew I needed specialist legal advice. 

I came across the website of Neil Davies & Partners.  It became immediately apparent to me that they really did know what they were doing in claims such as this.  I felt reassured from what I read on their website, that there was someone out there that could help before I even spoke to anyone at the firm.”

Our Insolvency Litigation Specialists Worked Quickly to Unravel the Case Against Our Client

“I contacted NDP and spoke with Kunal Bhalla of NDP. Within a matter of days, I was discussing matters at length with Neil Davies (an NDP Director) and Kunal Bhalla. The speed and skill at which they began to unravel the case against me, whilst planning a way forward, was immensely reassuring. I felt a sense of ease knowing that I had selected the right legal team to protect my position.”  

We Negotiated a Reduction of £68,000 in the Misfeasance Claim

“Kunal and Neil negotiated a settlement for me, on the type of favourable terms that I could never have imagined possible. I was facing a claim for £72,000.00 and Kunal was able to secure a settlement at £4,000.00 with the Liquidator’s Solicitors.

I would like to thank Kunal and Neil for their prompt and professional approach, their commitment and personal support to me and to my case. I now have peace of mind and can draw a line under a very difficult and stressful time. I would urge anyone in a similar situation to get in touch with Neil and Kunal straight away.

Neil at the outset of the matter said he would try and resolve it all by Christmas, and he and Kunal have done exactly that. All at an affordable price as well. I can honestly say that Kunal and Neil have provided me with a first-class service throughout, and I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me.”

Our Comment

We are of course delighted with the outcome of our work and for the swift resolution of this matter for our client. It shows the pragmatic and committed approach that our insolvency litigation specialists take on behalf of our clients when they are facing a misfeasance claim. Click here to see some more of our testimonials.

If you are facing a misfeasance claim from a liquidator, take a look at our article ‘5 Tips for Directors Facing Misfeasance Claims’ and then contact us or call is on 0121 200 7040 for a free initial chat. The sooner you get in touch, the more we can do to help.