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Avoiding Director Disqualification – Client Testimonial

Successfully Avoiding Director Disqualification Proceedings for a Client. 

This testimonial from a client of ours, who was facing a director disqualification period of 7 years, shows just how stressful and potentially life changing the director disqualification and the processes involved can be. The good news for our client was that we were able to persuade the Insolvency Service not to proceed with the director disqualification proceedings, as our client explains below in his own words.

“I found myself in the position where my business had failed and I was facing the prospect of director disqualification, which included being involved in the management of a limited company without the prior permission of the Court for up to 7 years, being the period notified to me by the Insolvency Service (‘IS’).

For me, this presented a very real crisis, threatening as it did my ongoing limited company business, my employees and the ability of us all to earn a living.

At first, I attempted to deal with the IS investigations on my own, but it soon became apparent that I was getting nowhere.

I found NDP through the web and having looked at their website, was immediately impressed with the depth of NDP’s experience in director disqualification matters.  Neil Davies, as a director of NDP, spoke to me at length and explained that whilst the allegations against me were serious, there were options available to me. He was friendly, approachable and immediately put me at ease.

Both Neil and his assistant solicitor, Suky Mann, explained the process to me clearly and were incredibly supportive throughout.  Although it was a very stressful time having to deal with the IS investigation, Suky and Neil approached the matter in a pragmatic and structured way.  This helped me enormously in preparing my response to each of the allegations made against me.  Their personal support was also invaluable during this incredibly stressful and worrying time.

It was all down to NDP’s hard work, enthusiasm and commitment to me and their belief in my case that resulted in the IS confirming that no director disqualification proceedings would be issued against me.

It was an excellent result, the best I could have hope for and having this successful outcome means not only that a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, but I can now take my life ‘off hold’ and focus on making my current business a success.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Suky, Neil and the team at NDP to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.”

EH, Kent

If you are facing Director Disqualification Proceedings, we can help

Our team of Director Disqualification Solicitors, here at NDP, is highly experienced in dealing with cases of director disqualification. We know just how serious the consequences of director disqualification are, and how stressful the process can be, for the director involved, as well as the employees and his/her family, as this testimonial demonstrates.

If you are facing director disqualification, our advice is to act positively as quickly as possible by contacting us or calling us on 0121 200 7040 for a free initial consultation. Allowing NDP to help may eliminate the prospect of disqualification, as for this client, or result in a lower period of disqualification.