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Commercial Litigation Solicitors win £75,000 in compensation

The Commercial Litigation Specialists at NDP ensure Additional Compensation for a Client. 

This testimonial is from a client who suffered a serious workplace injury that left him unable to work. While pursuing a compensation claim relating to this injury, the solicitors who were initially acting for him missed critical court filing deadlines, which meant he was unable to file a claim for the full amount to which he was entitled. Several years later, a family member advised this client to seek advice from the Commercial Litigation Solicitors at NDP.

By moving very quickly, our Commercial Litigation Specialists were able to proceed with a claim against the original solicitors, on a Conditional Fee Agreement basis. As a result of this, our client received £75,000 compensation from his solicitors’ insurers.

“I am a 62-year-old man who suffered a serious accident in my workplace as long ago as December 2004.  I incurred significant damage to my dominant right arm when it became trapped in heavy industrial equipment that was faulty.  I found myself in the perilous position of no longer being able to work due to the seriousness of the injury.  I was unable to provide for my family.  For me, this presented a very real crisis

I immediately instructed a firm of local solicitors who I believed to be pursuing a compensation claim on my behalf in order to secure a financial settlement, befitting the serious injury I had suffered.  Unfortunately, due to my solicitors’ negligent conduct (by failing to adhere to Court filing deadlines) my financial award at Trial was limited to £75,000.00 with my claim originally being valued at £150,000.00. My claim for compensation had to be settled at a significant discount, because of the negligence of my solicitors.

Due to my age, the crushing disappointment and the horrible injury that I had suffered, I did not proceed for a number of years with a potential negligence claim against my original solicitors.  I resigned myself to the fact I would receive no further payment. 

The Commercial Litigation Solicitors at NDP come on board

I was recommended to seek NDP’s help by a family member who had instructed them on various commercial matters and had been very impressed with their approach, professionalism and desire to obtain the best result for the client. I met in 2015 with Mr Sukhbir Mall, a NDP director, and his assistant Mr Gulshan Kumar who immediately made me feel at ease.  They were incredibly supportive throughout my matter. 

I believed due to the passage of time since my injury there was little prospect of me obtaining any additional compensation.  However, I was reassured by NDP that due to the failings of my former solicitors, a claim could and should be brought for professional negligence.   They explained to me that I had six years to begin an action against my former solicitors and time only began to run from the date of the solicitors’ negligence.  My claim was thus just still in time when I first went to see NDP.

Although it was a very stressful time having to deal with the process and having to revisit the injury that I suffered, Sukhbir and Gulshan reassured me at every stage of the process.  This assisted me enormously. NDP quickly got up to speed with the former solicitors’ papers and confirmed they were able to progress matters on a Conditional Fee Agreement (‘CFA’) basis.  This provided me with huge comfort as I was not in a position to afford NDP’s legal fees.

NDP’s Commercial Litigation Specialists commence proceedings against the solicitors

To protect my position, NDP commenced proceedings against the solicitors in order to avoid my claim becoming invalid due to time barred limitation issues. NDP began a dialogue with the insurers to those solicitors and their insurers and brought about a swift resolution to my claim.  

Due to NDP’s determined, focused and continued efforts I received an additional payment of approximately £70,000.00 in November 2015 from the insurers to my former solicitors together with a large contribution towards the costs of NDP. It was all down to NDP’s hard work, passion and determination that resulted in me receiving this additional compensatory reward of £75,000.00.

It was an excellent result, the best I could have hoped for and having this successful outcome means that a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sukhbir, Gulshan and the dispute resolution team at NDP to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Thank you for helping me NDP!”

DP – Birmingham

If you believe you may have a claim against your solicitors, NDP can help

If the professional negligence of a firm of solicitors you have worked with has resulted in you suffering a financial loss, our experienced Commercial Litigation Specialists can help. It may be that, as with our client above, your solicitors have missed a court filing deadline, or perhaps you have received poor advice, and your solicitors have advised you to accept a low amount of compensation when you were entitled to more.

If you feel that you may have a claim, please do not delay getting in touch with NDP, as there is a time limit on proceeding with a negligence claim. Please contact us or call us on 0121 200 7040 for a free initial consultation. If you are concerned about the potential cost of proceeding, it may be that we are able to work with you on a Conditional Fee Agreement basis, so please do get in touch at the earliest opportunity.