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Commercial Litigation Specialists and Commercial Disputes

Our Commercial Litigation Specialists Secure a £400,000 Settlement. 

This article features a testimonial from a client who was in a commercial dispute with his former business partners. He felt that although he retained a minority shareholding in the business, the director of the business and other shareholders were unfairly excluding him from any involvement in the business, including the receipt of dividends. He contacted our commercial litigation specialists to help him resolve the dispute in his favour. This we did to the tune of c.£400,000, plus costs.

Details of this Commercial Dispute

“I instructed Sukhbir Mall and Suky Mann, commercial litigation specialists at NDP in respect of a dispute with my former business partners which ultimately led to an unfair prejudice petition being issued against them by me under section 994 Companies Act 2006.

Despite having a shareholding (albeit a minority shareholding) in the company, my fellow shareholders and director sought to unfairly exclude me from having any involvement in the company.

I was excluded from receiving Dividends from what was a profitable company, and over time, the directors transferred the entire trade of the business to another limited company, in which I had no interest, without my knowledge leaving my shareholding worthless.”

Our Commercial Litigation Specialists Were Able to Help

“I felt outraged at my treatment and knew that legal recourse was my only option to salvage my investment. I spent considerable time researching law firms that could assist me. My research and recommendations led me to NDP; their reputation was second to none.

Being the Claimant in the proceedings, my legal team (including my barrister) were driving matters and were a confident and proactive team from the outset. Having been involved in protracted High Court proceedings before, I was all too aware of the stresses and strains of litigation. However, the NDP team with their expertise and experience in the field, took some of the stress away from me.

As a General Practitioner in a very busy surgery, NDP’s flexible approach was invaluable to me. Their willingness to meet me out of hours and at my surgery allowed me to focus on my patients.

The litigation process was intense. Sukhbir, Suky and their paralegal Emma worked tirelessly to meet evidential deadlines. They advanced my case with vigour and confidence, which ultimately led to my opponents declaring defeat just before final hearing. NDP secured a settlement of almost £400,000 and an order for recovery of my legal costs. I could not have wished for a better outcome.

I would not hesitate in recommending the NDP team.”

(Client based in Birmingham)

If you are in a Commercial Dispute, Contact us for Help

We are very grateful for this testimonial. It demonstrates our approach to business, which is that we will work whatever hours are needed, at all times of the day, to deliver the best chance of a successful outcome. Check out some more of our commercial litigation testimonials.

Commercial disputes such as this one can be lengthy and stressful, which is why our commercial litigation specialists, based here in our central Birmingham office, were happy to meet the client wherever and whenever he needed to. This enabled him to continue to focus on his work in the knowledge that we were ‘in play’ for him.

At NDP, our approach is that no hole is too deep for us to be able to make a difference. We are delighted that in this case we were able to make a significant difference for our client. So, if you are in a commercial dispute and you need a commercial litigation specialist, contact us or call us on 0121 200 7040 for a free initial chat.