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Commercial Litigation Specialists Succeed in Shareholders’ Dispute

Testimonial: Shareholders’ Dispute Settled by our Commercial Litigation Specialists in our Client’s Favour

We often report on cases we have worked on using client testimonials, most frequently in the contentious insolvency arena. We also have a thriving commercial litigation practice, however, as this testimonial from a very happy client, whom we represented in a shareholders’ dispute, shows.

“Thank you for your professional efforts in fighting for my rights during my business’s shareholders’ dispute. Without your hard work, dedication and professionalism, I would never have seen justice.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your company a bright and prosperous future. You are the ambassadors in fighting for justice.”

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Commercial Litigation Specialists

The Details of this Shareholders’ Dispute – the Minority Shareholder Set Up a Competing Business

Our team of commercial litigation specialists represented a majority shareholder and director of a high-profile limited company – a retail business operating in Birmingham City centre – in a shareholders’ dispute.

The dispute was with our client’s minority shareholder who had set up a competing business behind his back, which was diverting customers away from his business, and having an adverse effect on turnover and profits.

We were introduced to the case by the director’s property solicitor, who recognised that his client needed specialist help, involving company law and commercial litigation expertise.

Naturally enough, as is evident from our client’s tone of voice in his testimonial, above, the actions of the minority shareholder caused him a great deal of stress. We considered the actions of the minority shareholder were illegal and took immediate action.

Our Commercial Litigation Specialists Act

Our experienced team threatened injunctive relief to stop the illegal conduct, and sought an account of profits made by the minority shareholder in his new venture. Within 2 days of instruction we had the opponent in front of us in a meeting, whereupon things moved swiftly.

Within a week, we had sold out our client’s interest in the business to the minority shareholder, realising a significant 6- figure sum for our client, who was delighted with the outcome.

Shareholder Disputes are Common – Our Commercial Litigation Specialists Can Help

Making sure you have professionally drafted and agreed shareholders’ agreements in place at the outset is the best way to avoid disputes in the future. However, in many cases no such agreement exists, or if it does it is poorly drafted and not comprehensive. This means that when business relationships break down between shareholders, failing to get good advice at an early stage can cost you dearly.

Our team of commercial and shareholder dispute experts is one of the few to comprise lawyers whose main day to day focus is acting on shareholder and director disputes. The area is one of genuine specialism within the firm. It is a specialism that requires significant experience, expertise and attention to detail so that nothing is missed or overlooked in a case.

In recent years, our team has acted for many shareholders across a diverse range of industries and professions, using commercial litigation as and when necessary to deliver the results our clients need. We have recovered many millions of pounds for directors and shareholders who have found themselves in conflict and in need of guidance.