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Director Disqualification Case Dropped by Secretary of State

NDP Successfully Defend a Client Threatened with Director Disqualification, Where Others had Failed. 

This is a recent testimonial from a client who was threatened with a disqualification period of 6 years, allegedly for knowingly entering into funding arrangements for his company that led to its insolvency. Having initially instructed another solicitor to act for him, he was told his case was hopeless after spending several thousands of pounds.

He was recommended to us by an Insolvency Practitioner and we were successful in getting the case against him dropped and his legal costs paid. This testimonial tells of our approach and how we achieved the result.

Our Client Explains his Position

“A short while ago, I found myself as the Defendant in director disqualification proceedings in which the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (‘SOS’) was seeking a 6 year disqualification order against me. This was based on allegations that I had knowingly caused my company to enter into funding arrangements to the detriment of the Company and its creditors which, ultimately, led to its demise.

Initially, I instructed a well-known firm of solicitors, who describe themselves as one of the top disqualification specialists in England. I spent thousands of pounds with them only to be told that I would never be able to defeat the claims against me. In fact they said my case was hopeless and I should simply give in to the claims. Despite the spiralling costs I had achieved absolutely nothing.

Feeling disheartened and completely let down, I spoke to a firm of Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, who recommended me to Neil Davies & Partners.”

How we Approached the Problem

Our director disqualification solicitors are highly experienced in dealing with the government offices that are responsible for such cases, including the Insolvency Service. We know how they work and what is required to put a strong counter argument in place to answer the allegations. We always give a quick, honest and up front appraisal of the chances of success.

Our client said:

“Given my previous experience, I was very apprehensive. However, as soon as I met with NDP’s Sukhbir Mall and Suky Mann, my fears were allayed. Whilst they pulled no punches in explaining the strength and seriousness of the case against me, they were confident, given their skills and experience they could secure a good result for me. They were immediately developing strategies and lines of defence in our very first meeting.”

The Director Disqualification case against our client is dropped

“Having been on the back foot, I finally felt that with the help of NDP, I was driving matters. I was incredibly impressed at the way Suky was able to pick apart the SOS’s case against me, undermining the SOS’s evidence, allegation by allegation. This ultimately led to the SOS dropping the whole case against me, and even better, agreeing to pay my legal costs, weeks before Trial.

I remain delighted at the result that Suky and Sukhbir were able to secure for me. The best I had dared hope for was to offer a voluntary director disqualification undertaking and in so doing to perhaps secure a reduction in the period of disqualification sought.

My advice to anyone facing director disqualification proceedings is not to waste your time with unqualified or inexperienced advisers but, instead put yourselves in the very capable and experienced hands of Neil Davies & Partners.

I cannot recommend them enough. I will be forever indebted to Sukhbir and Suky. I can now concentrate on running my business and earning a living for my family.”

(RC, Northern Ireland.)

Contact us if you are Facing Director Disqualification

This testimonial demonstrates the way we work when we defend directors threatened with disqualification. Our approach is to be honest and up front and our mantra is that no hole is too deep for us to make a difference. We think that is why we won small law firm of the year at 2016’s Birmingham Law Society Awards, and why we have again been shortlisted for this year.

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