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Director Disqualification Proceedings Dropped By Insolvency Service

Cutting Off a Director Disqualification Investigation at the Pass

This testimonial is from a client who was threatened with Director Disqualification proceedings by the Insolvency Service. When we were instructed, their disqualification investigation was already well advanced, so we had to move quickly before proceedings were commenced. With determination, passion and effort and using our experience and knowledge of how best to respond to the Insolvency Service, we were able to persuade them to abandon its investigation before proceedings were commenced, much to our client’s relief.

This is What Our Client Had to Say

“Following a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation of my company in June 2015, the Insolvency Service who told me that they were investigating whether Director Disqualification proceedings should be commenced against me contacted me. Having already had to live with the failure of my family business, I was devastated to receive that letter, which was a huge body blow.

These were deeply troubling times. I had lost a long established family business and was fearful of being disqualified as a director with all the potential reputational harm and business consequences that could flow from that. 

I spoke to my Accountant who suggested that I speak with Neil Davies & Partners, his having instructed them on behalf of another client in a similar matter.

I met with Sukhbir Mall, one of the Directors at Neil Davies & Partners, within days of contacting him at a time to suit me.  He got to the heart of matters very quickly.  He was knowledgeable, easy to deal with and explained all of my options to me. 

I was asked a wide and varied level of questions by the Insolvency Service, which I answered with the assistance of Sukhbir who knew exactly what the Insolvency Service wanted and how to deliver those answers to them.

A detailed and comprehensive letter of response was prepared and sent to the Insolvency Service by NDP on my behalf.  That resulted in additional clarification being sought by the Insolvency Service, which was responded to clearly and concisely by NDP.”

In a Successful Outcome, We Persuaded the Insolvency Service to Drop the Director Disqualification Proceedings

“Following on from those full explanations, Neil Davies & Partners managed to persuade the Insolvency Service not to take disqualification proceedings against me. That was a massive relief. 

I was hugely impressed with Neil Davies & Partners.  I had contact with a Director of NDP who dealt with my matter on a day to day basis.  NDP’s partner led service undoubtedly helped achieve the result, which was achieved at a fair cost, details of which I was made aware of at the very outset.  My case was treated with the delicacy and priority that it deserved and needed.

I would recommend Neil Davies & Partners to anyone who faces the same dilemma.  Sukhbir’s accessibility, 24/7 by phone and email, was a great comfort to me.  I very much felt that NDP were fighting my corner and were here for me.”

(S.W, West Midlands)

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As Director Disqualification specialists, we know how serious it is to be threatened with disqualification, and how stressful it can be. Our team of Director Disqualification Solicitors is highly experienced in defending directors who are facing disqualification. We have an impressive track record of successfully removing the threat of disqualification. Click here to see some more testimonials.

If the investigation is due to an HMRC Debt, take a look at our 5 Helpful Facts for Directors Facing Disqualification for Crown Debt.

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