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Our Director Disqualification Solicitors Convince the Insolvency Service to Abandon its Case

How to Deal with the Insolvency Service. Testimonial for our Director Disqualification Solicitors

Since we started in 2007, the director disqualification solicitors at NDP have defended hundreds of directors who were being threatened with disqualification by the Insolvency Service (IS). We are often approached by directors in distress who, having received notification from the IS of their intention to investigate and press for disqualification, do not know what to do and need help. Our experience is that at this stage there is often ‘everything to play for’, and it is by no means certain that disqualification will be the outcome. The key is knowing how to work with the IS, what they want and what they are looking for, and being able to present the full details of a case as part of a strong argument that will result in them dropping the case.

This testimonial tells how we successfully got the IS to drop its director disqualification against our client who had approached us having been unable to make any progress with the first firm of solicitors he had instructed.

Our Client Tells His Story

“I had Court proceedings seeking my disqualification as a Director on-going against me in the Scottish Courts.  I had employed Scottish Lawyers to defend my position. However, I felt that nobody at the Insolvency Service (‘IS’) was listening to me. I did not feel that the full and complete facts of the case were being brought out or properly explored.”

How I Came into Contact with the Director Disqualification Solicitors at NDP

“I searched the web for Director Disqualification Solicitors and came across NDP. I called and spoke at length with Neil Davies, an NDP Director and Solicitor, specialising in defending directors threatened with disqualification. Immediately I felt in safe and knowledgeable hands.”

Getting My Message Across, in Full, Was Key

“Neil listened carefully to what I had to say – he explained to me that we had to ensure that all the facts of the case were communicated in proper and full context to the Insolvency Service. Neil worked very hard to ensure that happened, supported by documents where available.  He reminded me that the IS Investigator was, in fact, a complete stranger to events in the failed Company. I however had ‘lived’ that story and was therefore best placed to tell it.”

Meeting with the Insolvency Service

“Neil suggested we physically meet and get in front of the IS caseworker and his colleagues, to get my message across.  He explained to me the likely benefits of that meeting for me.

We went to the meeting together. Neil had fully briefed me about what to expect from the meeting.   He led me through the discussion in the meeting, with 3 members of the IS present.   They were courteous and listened carefully to my explanations and Neil’s analysis of the legal case.”

The Outcome? The Insolvency Service Abandoned Their Case

“I was delighted to hear, in the weeks after the meeting, that the case against me was being abandoned by the IS.  I no longer faced the prospect of director disqualification.  That came as an enormous relief to me, my family and the employees of my continuing and on-going limited company business.”

NDP Were Pro-active and Fully Involved

“Neil’s enthusiastic and pro-active involvement in all matters relating to my case, brought a whole new dimension to the proceedings.  He brought the full facts of the case to life in the minds of the Insolvency Service and in doing so, helped me to achieve an outcome that had seemed a long way away.”

Our Experienced Team of Director Disqualification Solicitors Delivers the Results our Clients Need

We have successfully argued many times, on behalf of our clients, to persuade the Insolvency Service to abandon their investigations. This why we say that no hole is too deep for us to be able to help make a difference. Click here to see some more of our director disqualification testimonials.

Many of our team have worked for the Insolvency Service in the past, so we know how they work, which helps inform how they like to deal with firms of solicitors representing directors they are investigating. In addition, Neil Davies is an advisory Editor to the leading text on Director Disqualification law and practice, Mithani on Director Disqualification. As a panel Solicitor, he advised the Secretary of State on Director Disqualification cases and Policy issues for several years. He knows his stuff!

Director Disqualification Solicitors

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