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Helping a Client Successfully Avoid Insolvency Litigation

Client Testimonial – How we Helped a Client Avoid Insolvency Litigation and Possible Financial Ruin.

“Neil and the NDP team were recommended to me by my accountant. I am a successful residential property developer and had built up a large portfolio of valuable properties from which I earned my living.

I needed NDP’s very urgent help at a time when a historic problem, from many years before, came back to haunt me in the form of High Court Litigation, a bankruptcy petition and the threat of personal ruin. I was at a low ebb, in every way.

Neil and his assistant Richard met me within 2 hours of my first call to Neil; they listened to what I had to say. The advice I received was to the point, focused and explained all of my options to me – I was relieved to know that I had options! I felt immediately that I was in safe and capable hands.

Their approach was very different to that of the national law firm I had previously employed – Neil and the team clearly cared about me and getting the best result for me, even though I couldn’t always pay them on time. They worked with me.

The solution to my problems lay in sourcing a third party who would refinance my business. That proved enormously problematic because of, amongst other factors, the existence of a bankruptcy petition against me.

NDP used their contacts and sources in the finance world to find me a financier who has worked with me, in a very short timescale, and enabled me to escape a bankruptcy situation, which had I stayed in it, would have cost me literally hundreds of thousands of pounds in trustees fees and expenses and left me in financial ruin.

Over my 15 month involvement with NDP, Neil and the team were there for me at every single point as we implemented the strategy that we agreed on to resolve the issues I faced.  They did that in the face of an aggressive and unreasonable opponent who tried to thwart me at every turn. They gave me the confidence I needed to get through the problems, that are now behind me.

I cannot recommend NDP’s services highly enough. Approachable, professional, proactive and results driven doesn’t begin to cover it.”



We can help if you are facing Insolvency Litigation or need Financial Restructuring

As experts in Insolvency and Commercial Litigation, we are delighted to have been able to help this client who, as he says, was facing financial ruin. If you are facing an insolvency problem with your company, our experienced team of Insolvency Litigation solicitors can help.

It is often the case that at the core of most business problems, where insolvency or bankruptcy is involved, is a financial difficulty or a financial consequence as a result of something that happened in the past, as was the case in this testimonial. Our view is that we can help and that no hole is too deep for us to make a difference.

In our experience, there are almost always options available and solutions to consider, whether it be when facing Insolvency and Commercial Litigation (or our other core areas of expertise: Director Disqualification and Misfeasance Claims). The earlier advice is taken, the greater the number of options that are available to you. Contact us or call us on 0121 200 7040 for a free initial chat