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Helping a client through Insolvency Problems and avoid Director Disqualification

This testimonial is from a client whom we helped through Insolvency problems and avoid Director Disqualification.

“Having once been the Director of a Limited Company that fell on hard times during the recent recession, I took the difficult decision in placing the company into liquidation.  Some years later I was subjected to the rather gruelling process of insolvency proceedings through an independently appointed and aggressive firm of Insolvency Practitioners.

Being a complete novice to self-employment, this business was my first and only encounter of directing a Limited Company, and it was at this stage I needed professional representation.

I did all the research I possibly could in searching for a specialist Insolvency Solicitor in Company Law and discovered Neil Davies & Partners.  I followed their case studies with interest, and I was impressed by their contributions to this industry. I arranged a free consultation and was positively assured by this time they were the right company to represent me.

The outcome was better than I could ever have hoped for, the matter was concluded satisfactorily with the avoidance of any costly court proceedings, nor being faced with a Director Disqualification; a position unimaginable prior to their appointment.

The team at ND&P fought my case efficiently and effectively and their care and professionalism throughout the litigation was second to none.

I am very grateful for your work, and I would be only too happy to recommend you to anyone else faced with similar uncertainties.”

Yours sincerely.

 JP (Company Director)*

(*For obvious reasons, we do not reveal the identity of those clients who are happy to allow their testimonials to be used on line. However, should you wish to speak to any of them, simply contact us or call us on 0121 200 7040, and we will put you in touch)