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Testimonial from relieved client in £90,000 Personal Liability Notice case

“It was very refreshing to have a Solicitor who had integrity and care and who was able to deliver in a professional and timely effortless way.”

Testimonials from our clients are always welcome – they show we walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Often, they are short – just a couple of lines long. However, this testimonial from a happy and relieved client, for whom we helped remove a £90,000 Personal Liability Notice from HMRC, following on from over 15 months of stress with her business and poor advice from other professionals, tells the full story of how our team, led by senior solicitor Richard Shepherd were able to help.

“Dear Richard

Thank you so much for all of your support and for getting this matter to this outcome. Honestly, I am truly grateful and it has lifted a huge burden from me and from my family. Saying thank you is not a true measure of the gratitude that we have. I have been so impressed with the way that my case was handled and I have written a recommendation below for you and your firm. I wish you all the best and if I ever have any business requirements moving forward, I will definitely instruct you again.”

The details of this Personal Liability Notice case

“I contacted Richard Shepherd of Neil Davies and Partners when I was looking for a firm to handle the unexpected receipt of a Personal Liability Notice (PLN) from the HMRC for £90,000 

The client was surprised and upset to receive the PLN

“I had fought hard for my businesses for well over 10 years with differing challenges including being illegally locked out of our premises during COVID. I had to start from scratch again which left me being unable to deal with opening my personal mail for over 15 months due to the stress of many years of struggles. In that time the HMRC had written to me and stated that I was negligent as a Director and that I was liable for PLN for £90,000 for NIC’s. Even though I had put my company into liquidation and the liquidator and the Insolvency Service had found that I had done all that I could and had acted appropriately. It was extremely surprising and upsetting to learn that after all I had gone through and having incurred significant debts to support my business that I was then being told this.”

Our initial response was to establish all the facts and the timeline before constructing a ‘Late Appeal’

“Right from the very first conversation Richard was extremely professional but very personable and he listened intently to the issues that I had gone through. He gave me an honest and straight forward view of where I stood which I appreciated. I had no idea about Tax Law and I found him to be completely solutions centric as he talked through all of the issues and proposed positive but realistic ways in which he could help me. By the time I had opened the mail it was over 8 months past the close of the appeal date. Richard helped to construct a late appeal and to help me to put together 12 years of chronology that he weaved and formed into a letter of appeal which was absolutely amazing and spot on. “

The outcome was that HMRC dropped their claim

“This was a huge thing for me as he was able to put my mind to rest and to follow and deliver upon what he had set out in the beginning. Having had such bad advice from various firms in the past who have taken lots of money and promised the world and put me in an even worse position then where I started. It was therefore very refreshing to have a Solicitor who had integrity and care and who was able to deliver in a professional and timely effortless way. It was to me clear that Richard is very passionate about what he does and that he has a genuine care for his clients and the outcomes that he achieves matter. 

 I genuinely appreciated his approach as this personally helped me to set my mind at ease. It also allowed me to continue to focus on my business without worrying that I was going to be bankrupted. Richard was incisive with his knowledge and practical application of the law and was able to communicate with the HMRC in a very ubiquitous way. As we progressed through the process, his communication was excellent and immediate and he always made himself available at the end of the phone if I needed to discuss any matters. He was able to cut through many illogical proposals to get to a point of facts.

I cannot thank Richard enough for his expertise and professionalism and the way that he handled my case. I am truly thankful as Richard was able to show the HMRC that I was not liable or negligent and the PLN was reduced to zero and they dropped their claim.”

 Our client was now able to sleep at night

“To just say thank you would not really reflect the level gratitude that I have since I will now be able to sleep at night and not have the worry. I can now concentrate on continuing to build my business and look forward with my family to positive times ahead.

I can only highly recommend Richard and his team at Neil Davies & Partners for any HMRC or commercial related matters. They truly are exceptional and I will definitely be using them again in the future for any business-related matters. Thank you so much!!”     


The sooner you talk to us, the more we can do to help

Every case depends on its own facts, of course, but this testimonial demonstrates how we work with clients to get the results they need. We know how stressful problems like this can be for directors, and we have a strong record in delivering for our clients. Take a look at a few more of our testimonials.

If you are – or a client is – facing a Personal Liability Notice or other issue arising out of an insolvency, then the sooner you contact us or call us on 0121 200 7040, the more we are likely to be able to help.