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Insolvency Law and Reducing Personal Guarantee Claims

Our Insolvency Law Solicitors Reduce a Personal Guarantee Claim by over 80%.

As insolvency law solicitors in Birmingham, we regularly act for clients who have received claims relating to personal guarantees they have made to help their businesses. In this case, we were delighted to have received this testimonial from a client whom we helped significantly reduce a personal guarantee claim that arose from a lease purchase agreement, from over £300,000 to £50,000.

Our Client’s Testimonial

“I came across NDP via their website after I had received a letter of claim in the sum of over £300,000 in relation to a personal guarantee arising out of a lease purchase agreement that I had entered into to secure the purchase of an asset for my business. 

I was obviously very alarmed and concerned, but knew that I had to obtain specialist insolvency law advice, hence I contacted NDP after looking at their very informative and helpful website.

I met with Neil Davies and his assistant Gulshan, who went through the letter of claim with supporting documentation with me. They listened.  They were friendly and approachable. This immediately put me at ease in the knowledge that they had the necessary expertise to deal with this serious and worrying matter on my behalf.

Until I saw NDP, I was under the impression that my only option was to pay the huge sums being claimed of me, which would have wiped me out professionally and personally.  It would have had a huge effect on my ability to continue to trade.

With the assistance of NDP it quickly became apparent there were other options available that I had not even considered, to resolve the matter.

Having given up hope of defeating the claim, both Neil and Gulshan persevered and were able to negotiate a significantly reduced settlement in the sum of approximately £50,000. 

With hard work, skill and determination, NDP were able to obtain a fantastic settlement on my behalf which 8 months ago did not appear even remotely possible.  This has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and allowed me to continue to trade securing my future and my family’s future.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Neil, Gulshan and the team at NDP to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Thank you for helping me NDP!”

(N.S. London)

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