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Insolvency Litigation Solicitors and Personal Bankruptcy

Insolvency Litigation Specialists – Helping a client avoid Personal Bankruptcy. 

We are always delighted when a client sends us a testimonial thanking us for the work we have done. In this case, a new client had found our website via a Google search, and was in urgent need of our help as Insolvency Litigation Solicitors, being within days as he was of a High Court Hearing regarding a Statutory Demand that had been made against him.

Prior to contacting us he had resigned himself to the prospect of personal bankruptcy, unless he was able to successfully deal with the Statutory Demand. Time was tight, but we are experienced Insolvency Litigation Solicitors, and as we always say, no hole is too deep for us to help. In this case we had to move very quickly, but we were able to help.

Huge thanks to Sukhbir and the NDP Team of Insolvency Litigation Solicitors

“I found NDP on the web a few days ahead of my application to set aside the Statutory Demand that had been served on me claiming £48,000. Unless I dealt with the Demand successfully at the imminent hearing , I faced the prospect of personal bankruptcy.

The matter was to be heard by a High Court judge in only 2 days’ time, with the opponent having a Barrister already instructed. I had delayed finding a solicitor. I was daunted and overwhelmed by the whole process. I did not know what to do next and had resigned myself to being made bankrupt.

Having contacted NDP by telephone, I was put through to Sukhbir Mall, a Director and owner of NDP, and one of their Insolvency Litigation Specialists.  He met me within hours of the call, listened carefully to me, grasped the issues I faced and managed to get a Barrister lined up to represent me at court, by phone call made there and then.

I spent many hours with Sukhbir in the 24 hours following that first call, in the period before the hearing , drafting evidence and having discussions with my Barrister.

Sukhbir and the Barrister represented me at court and attended at court with me.

They succeeded in getting the demand against me set aside and obtained an order that the opponent pay part of my legal costs.

NDP’s service was second to none. I would gladly recommend their expertise as insolvency litigation solicitors, the quality of their advice and their friendliness and speed of service in insolvency litigation matters.

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