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Insolvency Litigation Solicitors and a Happy Client

A £500,000 Result for our Insolvency Litigation Solicitors

One of our key specialisms here at Neil Davies and Partners, is bringing claims and achieving recoveries on behalf of Liquidators and also defending Directors against claims from Liquidators when a company has become insolvent. These are called Misfeasance Claims, and our Insolvency Litigation Solicitors have a strong record in acting for Liquidators and Directors facing such claims – which can be substantial and highly stressful – and getting them the results they seek.

This testimonial is from a grateful Director client for whom our experienced and skilled Solicitors saved close on £500,000. Proof that we live up to our strapline: ‘Delivering Results Through Experience.’

The Misfeasance Claim Covered Directors Loans and ‘Other’ Transactions

“Three years ago 3 of my 4 businesses were hit by a massive fraud. After a brief struggle to keep going I had to close the businesses. It wasn’t long before I was facing financial claims from 3 very assertive Liquidators, each of whom made Misfeasance Claims against me as Director. They were seeking to recover Directors’ loans and alleged losses to the businesses from transactions that were claimed to be not ‘wholly in the interests of the company’. The total being claimed from me was over £500,000 and if successful, would have wiped me out completely.”

The Client Got in Touch, and We Got to Work

“I was referred to Neil Davies, a specialist Insolvency Litigation Solicitor, by a business contact and he quickly set about making order of things. He was a voice of calm through a very unsettling period, never being over-optimistic, always appraising each turn of events with calmness and realism.”

The Result Went in Our Client’s Favour and Saved Him c. £500,000

“To cut a long and harrowing story short, after many months of negotiation, all claims have been settled at greatly reduced cost to me and I can move on. Best of all, taking a lot of the worry off my shoulders has enabled me to gradually recover my 4th business which is now running on an even keel. It’s not making much money yet, but it is alive. And, in business terms, so am I. As Winston Churchill said: ‘Never, never, never give up’. But it helps enormously to have a very capable ally alongside, as I had with Neil Davies.

Neil’s knowledge and experience of the insolvency industry and its procedures was a key factor in my achieving these outcomes. He anticipated and dealt with all the twists and turns in the road ahead of me.  There is no substitute for experience and skill.”

C S (Hereford)

Talk to Our Insolvency Litigation Solicitors if Facing a Misfeasance Claim

It is our experience that Misfeasance Claims against Directors of insolvent companies are increasing. This does not mean that Directors should just roll over and accept the claim. Our motto is that ‘No Hole is Too Deep for us to Help Make a Difference.’

We are the Director’s friend; because we know how these claims work and how to put together compelling arguments, based on the evidence, that very often result in much reduced claims being agreed, as in this case. Click here to some more of our Misfeasance Claim testimonials.

We specialise in defending Directors facing misfeasance claims. Click here to see 10 reasons for choosing us to defend you. The quicker you contact us or call us on 0121 200 7040 the more we are likely able to help. The initial chat is free.