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Insolvency Service Drops Director Disqualification Investigation

Client Testimonial – No Director Disqualification Proceedings Issued Against our Client

When the Insolvency Service (IS) investigates a director with a view to issuing director disqualification proceedings, it is the beginning of a difficult and stressful process for the director. In this testimonial, a grateful director tells the story of how he unexpectedly received notification from the IS of their intention to investigate, and how our team of director disqualification specialists persuaded the IS to drop the investigation and not issue proceedings.

Director Disqualification

Our Client Was Unaware of Anything he had Done Wrong

“I found myself in the surreal position where I received notice in the post from the Insolvency Service (‘IS’) that they were investigating my conduct as a director of a charitable purpose, limited company I had joined on a voluntary and non-paying basis., with director disqualification a possible outcome.

As an upstanding member of the community and having been involved in various charitable organisations and community projects for several years, I was horrified to receive the IS letter and extremely concerned about the significant impact that any director disqualification would have on my ability to earn a living and on my reputation.”

Why Did the Insolvency Service Investigate?

“The enquiries being raised by the Insolvency Service of me were:

  1. My role in the company.
  2. Whether I considered other individuals involved in the management of the company to be directors.
  3. Following media reports in respect of the same, whether during my directorship with the company I was aware of any financial irregularities. (The answer to this was a resounding ‘No’!).”

What Was I to Do?

“I approached NDP having received positive feedback from research I had undertaken via the internet and from separate enquiries I had made with senior business colleagues in the Midlands Business Community.  Upon speaking with Neil Davies of NDP, I was immediately put at ease and impressed with his knowledge, approach and proven track record of dealing with and obtaining positive results in matters relating to Director Disqualification and investigations and Proceedings.

I met with Neil Davies, a Director of NDP and his solicitor colleague, Gulshan Kumar.  They explained the process to me on a step by step basis and the importance of liaising with and responding to any queries raised by the IS in a timely manner and in the most effective way.

Neil also suggested our meeting with the IS which we did.  That provided me with an opportunity to put my version of events across not only on paper, but in a face to face meeting.  Neil ran the meeting and guided me through it.  I took comfort from the fact that the IS Investigator clearly knew of Neil and the director disqualification solicitors at NDP.”

The Outcome – No Director Disqualification Proceedings Were Issued

“The IS have recently confirmed that they have concluded their investigation and that no Director Disqualification Proceedings would be issued against me. The relief I felt on receiving the news cannot easily be put into words.

NDP have justified my position and saved my professional career and my reputation. I would not hesitate to recommend NDP, to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.”

(WS, Birmingham)

Contact Us for Help and Advice If You Are Facing Director Disqualification

In our experience there is everything to play for when directors receive notification from the Insolvency Service that they intend to investigate with a view to issuing director disqualification. Our experienced team, several of whom have worked for the Insolvency Service in the past, know what the IS looks for and how to build up an effective defence. We have been successful in convincing the IS to drop disqualification proceedings against hundreds of directors.

The key issue for a director facing a disqualification investigation is to act quickly to maximise the available options. Click here to see some of the testimonials we have received for our work.

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