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Misfeasance Claims and Insolvency Liquidation Solicitors

Testimonial – Successfully Reducing a Misfeasance Claim of £150,000 down to £2,000

Our insolvency litigation solicitors are specialists in defending clients who have received misfeasance claims from the liquidator. These claims are usually made against directors and/or shareholders of insolvent companies, and often allege that the director has either misapplied money or other company property and/or breached their duties as a director. Misfeasance claims can arrive unexpectedly, out of the blue, and can be highly stressful for those on the receiving end as in this case.

This testimonial is from a very happy client, for whom we reduced the claim from £150,000, for an overdrawn director’s loan account, down to £2,000.

This is What our Client Had to Say About our Work

“A few months ago I received a letter from the Liquidator of my husband’s company demanding that I repay c.£150,000 for an alleged overdrawn Director’s Loan Account. The letter came as a complete shock.

Even though I was a Director of the company I was never involved in any aspect of running the company or making any of the decisions. To all intents and purposes it had always been my husband’s business; I had simply been appointed as a Director on paper only on the advice of the company’s accountant.”  

The Client Sought the Professional Advice of Our Insolvency Litigation Specialists

“I had absolutely no understanding of what the Liquidator was alleging against me or how I could possibly deal with such a claim. I knew I needed professional advice. I came across the website of Neil Davies & Partners. It became immediately apparent to me that they really did know what they were doing with misfeasance claims like this. I felt reassured from what I read on their website, not least from the testimonials that were already there, that there was someone out there that could help before I even spoke to anyone.

I contacted Sukhbir Mall and Suky Mann of NDP and within a matter of days I was attending a meeting with them at their offices in Birmingham. The speed and skill at which they began to unravel the case against me was immensely reassuring and I was immediately reassured that I had selected the right legal team to protect my position.”

 We Negotiated a Favourable Settlement for our Client

“Suky and Sukhbir were able to undermine the Liquidator’s claim quickly and efficiently. They negotiated a settlement for me on the type of favourable terms that I could never have imagined possible. I was facing a claim of £150,000, and Suky was able to secure a settlement at £2,000. I am so grateful for all the hard work that Suky and Sukhbir put into defending me.  From all of the discussions which I had had with my friends and family before I instructed Neil Davies & Partners, I was simply unaware and ignorant of the legal and practical arguments that Suky had deployed on my behalf. 

I would urge anyone in a similar situation to get in touch with Sukhbir and Suky straight away.

They insisted that I was best served by being separately represented from my husband. How right they were.

I would like to thank Suky and Sukhbir for their hard work, commitment and personal support to me and to my case. I now have peace of mind and can draw a line under a very difficult and stressful time.”

B.N. Somerset

Contact our Insolvency Litigation Specialists if You are Facing Misfeasance Claims

Misfeasance Claims

If you are a director (or shareholder) of an insolvent company, and you receive a misfeasance claim (or are threatened with director disqualification) from a liquidator, the quicker you take professional advice, the more likely it is that we can help defend your position.

Our specialist insolvency litigation solicitors have a strong record of success in this area as this testimonial, and others, show. Contact us or call us on 0121 200 7040 for a FREE initial chat. If we believe we can help you, we will move quickly and decisively.