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Successfully Defending Director Disqualification Proceedings

Director Disqualification Testimonial – Keeping the Faith

As Director Disqualification Solicitors, our objective is always to help directors threatened with disqualification to avoid the prospect of disqualification or reduce the length of the disqualification received. This testimonial is from a director for whom we were able to convince the Secretary Of State to drop the disqualification proceedings against him.

The Testimonial from the Client Threatened With Director Disqualification

Our client has written this testimonial for us. As you can see, he was worried and stressed and held out little hope that he could avoid disqualification as the allegations against him were serious. It really was a case of keeping the faith.

“I received notice in the post from the Insolvency Service that Director Disqualification Proceedings were to be issued against me.  The news made me feel numb. I immediately undertook web based investigations to identify a firm of solicitors that were best qualified and experienced to assist me.  There are many such firms out there, professing expertise.

I came across Neil Davies & Partners via their website.  I met with Neil Davies and his solicitor assistant, Suky Mann.  They met me free of charge in the first instance.   That in itself was reassuring.  It was an incredibly stressful and uncertain time for me.  The Secretary of State was seeking a Director Disqualification Order against me in respect of two failed companies of which I had been a director.

At my first meeting with Neil and Suky I immediately felt at ease and I knew I was in very capable hands. They clearly knew their stuff.  They were informative and realistic in dealing with the allegations of Unfit Conduct that were to be pursued against me.  I knew instinctively that Neil and Suky were the right people to help me.   They were passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

I was concerned that the allegations made against me were worded such that they would be impossible to defeat.  Wide ranging allegations of Unfit Conduct were made, to include (untrue) allegations of my having transferred the business of the company to an associated company, for no payment.  The allegations were serious.”

The Director Disqualification Proceedings were Discontinued

“However, Neil and Suky were meticulous in their investigations and in the drafting of my Defence evidence, which ultimately led to the Secretary of State discontinuing the proceedings against me.  I was as delighted as I was astonished with the result, given that the case had been listed for final Trial, by the time when the Secretary of State discontinued the case against me.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Neil and Suky not only because of the fantastic result they achieved for me, but also because of their hard work, dedication and support they offered me over what was an incredibly stressful 24 month period.”

(GP – Isle of Wight)

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