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Testimonial for Commercial Litigation Specialists

Our Commercial Litigation Specialists Save Client £71,000.  

Our commercial litigation specialists are highly experienced in all areas of commercial litigation and dispute resolution. We have a strong track record in delivering the results that our clients want and need. This testimonial is from a client for whom we negotiated a £71,000 reduction in a demand from his previous solicitors who had represented him in a difficult and stressful divorce case. Click here for some other commercial litigation testimonials and click here for some case studies.

What our Client Had to Say

“I had completely lost trust in all lawyers, my having received a demand to pay £77,000.00 from my former solicitors who represented me in my matrimonial proceedings.  

I was completely devastated and at a loss as to why they had contacted me after a period of two years without providing me with any clear or accurate costs estimates or updates as my case progressed.  After a very painful, unhappy divorce case, I was speechless when threatened to be sued for £77,000.00 plus interest (£83,000.00) from my former solicitors.

My accountants suggested that I contact Neil Davies & Partners to assist me.

I contacted Sukhbir Mall and his assistant solicitor, Suky Mann, who got to grips with my case very quickly. Sukhbir treated the matter with the delicacy that it deserved.  They were meticulous in their preparing a response to my former solicitors. Despite my former solicitors demanding a final settlement sum of £83,000.00, Neil Davies & Partners managed to negotiate a full and final settlement in the sum of £12,000.00 to be payable over 6 months.

Neil Davies & Partners’ efforts saved me £71,000.00 and an enormous amount of heartache, my already having lived the nightmare of having to go through the Court process for a period of two years.

The settlement was a massive relief and meant that I could get on with my life and put these matters behind me.  The agreement was recorded in a settlement document which I approved and which protects me going forward.

I would recommend Neil Davies & Partners without any hesitation.  The service was invaluable and their fees were absolutely fair.”

(TI, West Midlands)

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Our aim is to avoid litigation wherever we can, which means we put a high value on resolving disputes by negotiation, as quickly and cost effectively as possible. This testimonial demonstrates our approach. Some of the key areas we resolve disputes in are:

  • Partnership and boardroom disputes
  • Winding up, debt recovery and bankruptcy petitions
  • Search and seizure orders
  • Regulatory raids
  • Breach of contract claims

If you or your business is experiencing commercial litigation issues in any of these areas and wish to reach a resolution to avoid the litigation, call us on 0121 200 7040, or contact us for a FREE initial discussion of your case.