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Testimonial for Insolvency Solicitor Iain MacDonald

Iain is One of Our ‘Go To’ Insolvency Solicitors

Iain MacDonald is one of our consultant insolvency solicitors here at Neil Davies and Partners. Iain undertakes a mixed caseload of predominantly non-contentious Company, Commercial and Insolvency work for NDP’s clients. In particular, Iain has close relationships with a number of insolvency practitioners, one of whom, Antony Batty has given Iain this excellent testimonial.

Iain has a properly commercial approach and stays for the long-haul

Antony Batty, licensed insolvency practitioner at Antony Batty & Company has worked with Iain for many years and had this to say about him:

“I have worked with Iain for many years and he is one of my go-to solicitors. He is particularly useful if I need to unlock an issue and never escalates costs unnecessarily which is a pet peeve of far too many who use lawyers.

He has a properly commercial approach and stays for the long-haul, which is sadly a rare commodity in his profession. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Antony Batty (Licensed Insolvency Practitioner)

We’re Lucky to Have Iain on Board

Iain has been with us for a good number of years now. One thing that we always ask our team members is:

What is your proudest moment in your legal career?

Iain’s answer is:

“The very first time that I transformed a failing business into a solvent, profitable concern. It does often happen but usually the biggest problem is fear of the unknown inducing inertia in the directors.”

He goes on to say that:

“Getting directors and shareholders to trust you and lead them through the dangerous journey to safety is not always easy. I focus on mainly SME business professionals and I always try to maintain their needs as my primary concern. Few in my industry do. In addition, I have skills, which few have when it comes to rescuing a business and often as not family assets also.”

It is these sort of skills that make Iain a valuable member of our team of insolvency solicitors. Click here to see some more of our testimonials.

If your business has entered insolvency, the sooner you take legal advice on how to progress the better. Our insolvency solicitors, including Iain, have a great deal of experience and expertise in this field. Our motto is that ‘no hole is too deep’ for us to help to make a difference.

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