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Testimonial from Regulatory Compliance Disputes

Client testimonial for our advice on Regulatory Compliance Disputes. 

The moment when a director receives an ‘official’ letter threatening legal action is highly stressful. This testimonial from one of our clients, who was facing a criminal investigation by the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills which fell within the broad area of regulatory compliance disputes, shows how we advised our client and helped him through a difficult time.

The details of the Regulatory Dispute

“I received notification that I was facing a criminal investigation into my conduct as a director by the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills (‘BIS’) in connection with the liquidations of two companies that I had been a director of.

BIS alleged that I had failed to disclose or otherwise deliver up company assets to the liquidator of the companies. In addition, I also faced an allegation that I had breached section 216 of the Insolvency Act 1986, by using a prohibited name in connection with my separate business dealings.

I was potentially facing an unlimited fine and a custodial sentence.”

The Client contacts NDP for advice

“On receipt of the letter from BIS I immediately contacted Neil Davies and Suky Mann for much needed assistance. I had historically instructed Neil and Suky and was more than confident that their insolvency law expertise would be vital in assisting me in dealing with the proposed criminal action. Their tactical awareness, calm and measured approach was invaluable.

I was required to attend a tape recorded interview under caution with a senior investigator from BIS. Naturally, I was very anxious and extremely worried. However, Neil and Suky made me feel completely at ease and confident in defending the allegations against me. With their guidance I was able to provide robust and complete answers to the questions put to me.

Neil interjected throughout the interview, preventing any ambiguity or misinterpretation not only in relation to the questions that were being put to me by the investigator, but also in the answers that I was giving. Neil, without doubt ensured that my position was protected throughout.

The preparation undertaken prior to the interview by Neil and Suky was impeccable. They were able to refer the investigator to specific documentation and information to demonstrate that his investigation and allegations against me were incomplete and flawed.”

The Client feels optimistic about the outcome of the case

I came away from the interview feeling optimistic that the criminal investigations would be concluded in my favour. I suspect that I would have felt very differently if I had attended the interview alone, or with solicitors less experienced than Neil and Suky.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending anyone to Neil Davies & Partners. Neil and Suky have been fantastic, a truly formidable team with the breadth of knowledge and huge experience that anyone facing similar allegations would surely want on their side.”

(G.P, Isle of Wight.)

Contact us if you are involved in a Regulatory Compliance Dispute

The NDP Team is experienced in defending clients faced with regulatory problems and in regulatory compliance disputes. It is a broad area of law, and includes: Financial Crime, Directors’ Duties, Company Investigations, Regulatory Interviews and Regulatory Raids.

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