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Testimonial for our Specialists in Director Disqualification

Our Specialists in Director Disqualification Convince The Insolvency Service to Abandon a case against a Solicitor Just Before Trial.

In this testimonial, a solicitor faced with the threat of a director disqualification period of 6 years, tells how the director disqualification specialists at Neil Davies & Partners were able to defeat the claims of unfit conduct being made against him. Working closely with our client, the outcome saw the Insolvency Service abandon its case against him just before the case went to Court.

In his own words, our client details the process we undertook to achieve our objective, in keeping with our mantra that ‘no hole is too deep for us to make a difference.’ Click on the link to see some more testimonials for the work of our director disqualification specialists.

Why Was Our Client Facing Director Disqualification?

“As a practising Solicitor with 25 years’ experience, the threat of Director Disqualification that I received, filled me with shock and left me numb. The threat of disqualification arose out of my short involvement (a matter of a month) as a Director of a company that had nothing to do with my practice as a Solicitor. I had agreed to become a Director of what seemed a successful trading company. I did my due diligence before accepting appointment. It appeared to be a solid business, run by a successful entrepreneur. 

The truth however soon emerged after I joined. I had been taken in by an unscrupulous and manipulative business owner who pushed the company of which I was a Director into liquidation, exposing me to an investigation and Director Disqualification proceedings by the Secretary of State.“

The Client Needed Specialist Advice from Director Disqualification Solicitors

“Disqualification threatened my professional reputation, my ability to practice and my wider business interests. I spoke to a number of Solicitor friends and colleagues. I knew that I needed switched on, specialist advice. A number of them recommended the specialists in Director Disqualification at Neil Davies & Partners (‘NDP’) and in particular, Neil Davies to advise me.

I called and arranged a meeting with Neil. I explained what I thought were the issues to him. We met within a day of my call to him. He quickly identified:

  • What needed to be done and when,
  • How we should go about doing it,
  • What evidence we needed to gather from other people,
  • What the real issues were.

Neil’s knowledge and specialist understanding of Director Disqualification law, procedure and tactics filled me with confidence. He was accessible, friendly and determined. He was passionate about defending my position. Neil and his Team deal on a day to day bass with the Insolvency Service and its Solicitors. That became clear very quickly.

Although Neil left me in no doubt that we faced an uphill struggle, I left our first meeting knowing that I was in safe hands. Neil, with the Team of director disqualification solicitors and insolvency lawyers behind him, were approachable and knowledgeable.

Having heard my story, Neil was confident that he would be able to defeat the claims of unfit conduct made against me. He explained to me, very clearly, what we had to do to achieve the outcome we desired, being the abandoning of the threat of disqualification against me.”

The NDP Team of Specialists in Director Disqualification Swung into Action

“I confess that my mood swung wildly over the course of the process, as NDP sought to have the case against me dropped:

NDP at the beginning drafted a very impressive letter of representations to the Secretary of State, (as to why Director Disqualification proceedings should not be commenced against me).

When my written explanations were not accepted by the Secretary of State, we sought and attended a meeting with them. Neil insisted that the Secretary of State tell us in great detail why our Defence position was rejected. I believe we answered all of the Secretary of State’s questions fully.

Director Disqualification proceedings were eventually commenced against me, seeking to disqualify me for 6 years. That was a real low point for me. Neil reminded me that the Secretary of State does review cases at every stage and that with targeted, focused work, we might still persuade the Secretary of State to abandon the case before Trial.

Neil with his Assistant Solicitor, Gulshan (Kumar), then went into overdrive. They prepared a detailed Defence Witness Statement for me and for my Accountant that answered and explained the allegations of Unfit Conduct made against me.

Soon after service of my written Defence evidence, discussions opened again with the Secretary of State, at my opponent’s request.

By this time, I had received a date for Trial of the case against me. On the very same day that Notice of Trial was received, the Secretary of State wrote to NDP stating that the Secretary of State was abandoning the disqualification case against me.

The relief I experienced was enormous. I could again see a way forward for myself, my family and my business career.”

What About the Legal Costs?

“NDP also negotiated a position where the Secretary of State agreed to reimburse my legal costs. That was the icing on the cake. The Outcome Saved Our Client’s Business Career

Neil and Gulshan’s determination and tactical expertise was vital to achieving this fantastic outcome. In short, they saved my business career.”

We are, of course, delighted with the outcome of our work and for the permission from our client to share his testimonial. It shows the detailed and pragmatic approach that our director disqualification solicitors take on behalf of their clients.

Nothing can be guaranteed, of course, but we have a good record of convincing the Secretary of State to reduce the length of a director disqualification, or drop the threat entirely, as in this case.

If you are threatened with director disqualification, the sooner you contact us or call us on 0121 200 7040 for help and advice, the more likely it is that we can make a difference.