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Testimonial for our Swift and Friendly Response to a Trustee in Bankruptcy Claim

“Thank you so much for your help! I can honestly say that the advice you have given me has helped so much I am in no doubt that you would be the right firm to instruct should I need any further legal help.”

At NDP, our area of specialism is Insolvency, business or individual, and all the things that come out of it – from Director Disqualification investigations to Insolvency claims, and more. Insolvency causes those involved a great deal of stress and worry, especially when a ‘legal letter’ arrives unexpectedly in the post on a Friday morning. That is often when potential clients often get in touch with us – we are a distress purchase, and that means we will always answer the phone/respond to an email and act as fast as possible to make contact and start the process of supporting the potential client through a challenging time.

In this testimonial, a potential client tells how her Father was threatened with a claim for repayment of £25,000 from her Trustee in Bankruptcy. She was stressed and worried and did not know what to do. She did a Google search, found us and got in touch.

The Testimonial

“I telephoned and spoke with NDP having found and read about their impressive history of dealing with liquidator and trustee in bankruptcy claims on their website.

My father had received a letter seeking repayment of 25K odd from my trustee in bankruptcy. I needed help to understand the nature of the claim and the dynamics of settling it or fighting it.

I got in touch and they responded quickly. I spoke with Neil Davies, Tom Riley and Chloe Collins. They gave me an hour of their time and talked me through the pros and cons of fighting the claim or settling the claim.

They were responsive, incredibly user friendly and extremely helpful. I was reassured and immediately knew I was in safe and knowledgeable hands when I spoke with the NDP team.

I would highly recommend them to anyone else who finds themselves in the position of facing a claim from a liquidator/trustee in bankruptcy.

Many thanks to the NDP team!” (K R (Nottinghamshire)

Neil Davies, Partner, commented:

“We were delighted to help and to receive this testimonial. We were able to explain the process and give guidance on her likely best course of action. If that turns out to be all she needs from us, no problem at all. We are here, of course, should she need to formally instruct us on this matter in the future. We are always only a telephone call or email away from that first conversation.”

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